Bullion Master Plan


Bullion Master Plan


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Bullion Premium Service
 Is Most Favourite Trading Segment Around The World With Maximum Risk Involved. Under Bullion Pack, We Offer Gold And Silver Trading Recommendations Based On Technical Analysis. This Service Will Help You Receive BUY And SELL Calls Based On Technical Analysis Of The Movements In Gold And Silver In The MCX.  This Is The Preferred Choice For Most Commodity Traders With A Possibility Of High Returns. We Have An Team Of Experts Focusing On Gold And Silver Movements Who Have Tracked The Market For Over 10 Years.  This Product Is Highly Profitable For Those Traders That Have A High Risk Appetite. We However, Make Sure That Customers Are Educated With The Right Trading Discipline Before Executing Trades In These Highly Volatile Commodities. It Is One Of Our Strongest Products And Has Provided The Most Returns For Our Customers.

Gold Master Tips, Gold Silver Master Tips

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Package Pricing

Choose YOur Plan

₹ 30,000/-


₹ 75,000/-

Quaterly Package


₹ 99,000/-

Half Yearly Package

Package Features

  • Daily 1- 2 Bullion Calls In GOLD And SILVER.
  • Sufficient Time Is Maintained To Take The Entry.
  • Minimum Capital Required Is Rs.1.5 Lac.
  • Proper Follow-Up Messages For Profit Booking And Stop Loss Are Circulated.
  • Only Bullion Intraday Calls Are Given I.E. All Calls Are Closed At 11:30 PM.
  • Each Trade’s Profit & Loss Is Calculated In 2 Lots.
  • Daily Market News And Levels Are Provided.
  • International Economic Data Updates And Impacts Are Given.

Sample Calls

  • Buy Gold 49000 (Dec) Target 49100 Stoploss 48900

  • In High In Gold 49100

  • Buy Gold Complete Target Hit Rs. 10000 Profit In 1 Lot

  • Sell Silver 63500 (Dec) Target 63200 Stoploss 63800

  • New Low In Silver 63200

  • Sell Silver Complete Target Hit Rs. 9000 Profit In 1 Lot

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